Vote No On State Issue 1

November 6th General Election

Undermines Judicial Discretion

Issue 1 would strip Ohio judges of their ability to hold offenders accountable, both for completing life-saving drug treatment programs and for possession of deadly drugs like fentanyl.

Hijacks Our Constitution

Issue 1 would add criminal sentencing provisions and thousands of words to Ohio’s Constitution, where they don’t belong and can only be changed by another constitutional amendment in another election.

Puts Lives at Risk

Without the threat of prison to compel many offenders into treatment programs, this amendment will decimate the good work being done in Ohio drug courts and could worsen Ohio’s drug crisis.

Join Ohio’s judges, prosecutors, law enforcement and treatment experts in voting NO on Issue 1 on November 6.

Learn more about the Ohio State Bar Association’s stance and those who join us in opposing Issue 1.

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