Press Releases

Ohio State Bar Association


OSBA Launches Statewide Campaign Urging a NO Vote on State Issue

“The Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) today launched a statewide campaign urging Ohio Voters to reject State Issue 1 this November. “

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Ohio State Bar Association


Statement from OSBA President Robin Weaver: Ohio State Bar Association Opposes Issue 1

“Make no mistake, by removing accountability for defendants and shifting the cost burden to local governments, this proposal will set Ohio back.”

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Editorials from Ohio News Outlets Opposing Issue 1

Columbus Dispatch


No on Issue 1: Major Reforms require more deliberation

“The problem with Issue 1 is that it attempts to turn around decades of criminal-justice policy in one fell swoop by tweaking a few key levers.”

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Akron Beacon Journal


Beacon Journal/ editorial board: No on Issue 1

“Someone could possess as much as 19 grams of fentanyl, enough to kill thousands, and still face misdemeanor charges.”

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Canton Repository


Editorial: Vote ‘no’ on state Isssue 1

“This employs an ax when a surgical tool is needed.”

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Sandusky Register


Vote ‘NO’on Issue 1

“The amendment to the constitution was not written by state lawmakers — the proper place where adjustments in sentencing should be considered — but rather with a private group.”

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Canton Repository (O’Connor Op-ed)


Ohio chief justice: Disaster looms if State Issue 1 passes

“Issue 1 may be well-intentioned in design, but its passage would gravely endanger Ohioans.”

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Cleveland Plain Dealer


No on Issue 1 reclassifying Ohio drug crimes: endorsement editorial

“By taking jail time off the table, Issue 1 would deny Ohio courts needed leverage in persuading drug offenders to get treatment.”

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